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Middle East and North Africa (MENA) might not be the main target market for most of European National Teams and Clubs, but as a leading online destination for global and regional e-commerce, with the capacity to serve billions of consumers and football fans worldwide, our platform will promote the National Teams and Clubs with page general information, their social media accounts, national and club news, and products list page.   

Combinations / Interactions
Esporsa combines a sports entertainment network that provides the latest football news from around the world with the ability to showcase and sell products from leading clubs, nations and international brands.
Esporsa offers an interactive shopping experience for like-minded sports enthusiasts and in this way facilitates the creation of a regional and global sports entertainment community.
Esporsa has more than 9500 listed products, 1100-plus listed teams, and 120 listed countries. It's easy to navigate and easy to undersetand how to find what you want and much, much more.
Users visiting our web site (https://esporsa.com) will be fully entertained by shopping 100% authentic shirts, reading latest football news on different topics and engaging with their favorite clubs/nations on social media.

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