We are much more than a name! A holding group with a vivid presence. We are the past, present and hopefully the upcoming future. Esporsa is a title for a wide-reaching holding group that settles under the influence of “The power of uniqueness”. This sentence sums it up; we are specialized in empowering our surroundings! Sports Lovers from all over the world are our targets, hence we aim to serve and please all under the presence of our generous experience in sport’s field. What makes us powerful is our uniqueness, our core of attention isn’t confined only to international teams, but also one of our main goals is to shed light on the importance of the regional ones. We do our best to obtain victory for all, because power exists when no one is left behind! We are always ready to welcome all in open arms, Esporsa is more than just a chosen name, it is a branching group that aims to always stay crowned on the top and to empower all its clients, hosts and group members. 


Needless to say, behind every den there is the lion looking after it, the one who built it with years and years of experience and brought it to what it is today. Behind this Group stands Mr. Chucri Rizk the Founder & CEO with a background of 30 years of experience in sports management, marketing and media. He carved out this group based on the hard efforts he has made to achieve an everlasting success that covers all the work he has done. When looking back at his background we... See More


At Esporsa we believe in “Victory for all”, that is why our services vary upon everyone’s requests and desires. In the present, our services are divided under three sections: the e-commerce the corporate and the Sports-Tech. None of our customers has privilege over the other; we work hardly and with full loyalty in order to satisfy all your needs. Briefly, we can introduce you to some of our services and then leave you to gaze in our website for what you precisely need. The corporate section derives four services for... See More


On top of our sections of services and their notable outcomes, Esporsa can assure you that we are setting the seal on. We aim for the future; we seek better values and to reach the highest number of services which we can sustain in order to stay up-to-updated with the growing sports industry. To clear things up, the sports industry nowadays is worth a load! In addition to that, the sport trends are being updated and renewed every now and then, that is why our goal is to always be... See More


What is meant when we speak about Sports-Tech? To simplify it, it is the intersection of sports and technology. In other words, when technology is used to create a solution is the realm of sports; it falls under the umbrella of Sports-Tech. Sensors, wearable Tech, VAR, Reflexion, timing systems, virtual reality and many other examples of sports technology are being innovated day after day taking the sports in a whole new dimension! A real time transition. At Esporsa we are always evolving as football is, always ready to do it... See More


Concisely, the sports industry includes three organizational sectors: public, nonprofit, and commercial. These initial classifications are primary to the creation and production of sport products, services, programs, and facilities. This is what establishes a link between Esporsa and the sports industry. To be more accurate, Esporsa has proven to have a bold collaboration with the leading sports organizations and brands, yet we are 100 % independent and ready to embrace any client and assist his work in a supportive atmosphere so that we stay on track always by creating emotional... See More


This is not a metaphorical way we are talking with, it’s quiet the truth! With us, you can make sure that you, your business and your valuables are not only safe, but also growing by time. We do not joke neither do we exaggerate when it comes to our decision making. With Esporsa we can guarantee you a win-win situation, do not hesitate in contacting us! We are always open and flexible for any suggestion or any new project you are heading for! Esporsa is not just a group holding,... See More


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Esporsa combines a sports entertainment network that provides the latest football news from around the world with the ability to showcase and sell products from leading clubs, nations and international brands.

Esporsa offers an interactive shopping experience for like-minded sports enthusiasts and in this way facilitates the creation of a regional and global sports entertainment community.

Esporsa has more than 9500 listed products, 1100-plus listed teams, and 120 listed countries. It's easy to navigate and easy to undersetand how to find what you want and much, much more.

Users visiting our web site (https://esporsa.com) will be fully entertained by shopping 100% authentic shirts, reading latest football news on different topics and engaging with their favorite clubs/nations on social media. 

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